Friday, May 19, 2006

Odd To The Family

some crazy fever rushed thru my head when my old retro huarache was breaking down, it still can b worn, but i tot to myself its time for me to get some new kicks . the latest addition to the family is my beloved air jordan 3 n 4 . omg . wet is all i can say . 'wet!'. was rocking in those aj4 at d beach today killin cats . its been a while since i ball in malaysia . wonder if i go back would b skillz b way diffrent like how i always expect ppl to go to the US of A . but for sure mentally i would b diffrent . after seeing new things n experience new stuff . i guess someway or another our mental screws would b diffrent . like appreciating things that i have not 'lost' but 'temporary not available' like my homies back home, my grandma, my dad, my grandma's food . laksa, kueh chap, belachan .. but i guess its really a good exp for me at a young age like this .

anyways i love my new kicks!!!

Saturday, May 06, 2006


the end is always a new beginnin as they say, lakers end the season with a 31pts lost to phoenix in game7 . i knew if they din win game6 at home, how are they gonna win on d road against a 2nd best team in the whole western conference . well got to give credit to kobe playing with all his heart this season, even scored 81pts n 62pts in a single game this season . well i was surfin online, was curious of wat had happen to my fav anime as i was a kid, 'transformers' i think they are gonna hit it big again, mayb this year, with the upcoming 'transformers, the movie' . no doubt growing up as a kid, i always wanted the action figure or optimus prime that my cousins had, i guess i never did get it . maybe one day soon . besides optimus prime, during a child, at an early age, iv always like 'star scream' i didnt know why, his one d outcast from the good guys, who didnt really make it big with d bad guys . as a child iv already wanted to stand out from others i guess . thats how i see it i guess .

my 2nd summer is gonna b here soon, for all of u out there who are like me, still trying hard at this game, so called 'life' . keep it up ...