Friday, June 30, 2006


i used to live in a city of 400 thousand people, im living now in a metropolitan of 10million homosapiens running around like crazy, isnt it weird to be in a place that huge n yet it gets harder to get to know someone . people come, people go, thats the LA life i guess . but come to think of it again, when i landed on dec17th 04, nowhere is gonna b d same for me ever again, even back home .

my latest toy on my wishlist is a sony vaio laptop . gonna try hard to strive for it

the sun may rise in the east, but it sets in the final location
its californication

Thursday, June 15, 2006

Insearch Throughout

Often lost in time and space,
Travels journeys without guides,
Working hard to make the race,
Chasing dreams is day and night

Asking what is all this for,
Wanders and shoots without a bow,
Should I settle or go for more,
Should I stay or should I go

In the end it starts again,
Rewinding never ending,
Praying standing but still in the rain,
Time and change everlasting burning

Pushing hard through the pain
Instead thinking, is it in vain

Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Paintball 06

top pic . continuation from newport beach's bbq . the pics after that was last weekend's paintball event . comparison, this year's map was way better than last year's . but d crowd was about the same . heat was too high that day, we had around 40ppl . by 2pm it was like 7 versus 7 . the rest couldnt take the heat . the heat was too high . near a 100F . or should i say around 36Celcius . anyways it was worth the heat . i had fun . i dunno about the rest of d guys . d pic below . u see the guy on the right , can u bliv it . he broke his leg . on the last map . i dun mean breakin ankles at the beach, but literally breaking his leg . omg . i think he cant do any sports for one or two years to come . if it were me .i think i would book the next flight back to malaysia .

summer's here wat can i say . waiting for the adrenaline to set in . not expecting high waves of adrenaline, but at least more events . but i do look fwd to snowboarding again this year end .

school's over on friday . i guess its time to back on my regular job, that is a serious full time beach baller down at venice . w00t

Thursday, June 01, 2006

Memorial Weekend

memorial weekend was last week . actually i din really wanna post about it . being me . being lazy . well din had pics at all . so din really plan to post about it . then today they send me the link to the pics for the beach bbq that they took last sunday . with a camera that cost 2k usd!!! holy cow . d quality is top notch . i need a camera like that too . damn . well not much to say about the pics . me n my girl hanging n chilling . and also ur lookin at the star playa of dodgeball . they din know wat games to play first . so i said why dont we try dodgeball . hell yea it was fun! this weekend . paintball week . these are the moments i live for, being here in cali . living for great weekends and the beaches . during weekdays . i soak under the cali sun at venice beach where i ball . i dun care i look 'tan' iv never look this dark in my whole life before . but i got to say . u got to feel wat i feel to decide wat i decide . u get my drift? im hitting jumpshots, breakin ankles down at d beach while d neverending waves hit the rocks while d sun slowly sit at the horizon lookin at me doing a reverse lay up .

yea lifes good here in cali . but i got to say i miss d lil things that i have lost . like chilling with fwends on weekdays, doing nothing but just drinking at some cafe talking ..

but im trying hard . to live in the moment .. everytime i think about home . i try to tell myself .. all this is gonna b gone .. life is just temporary, so i got to give everything a shot n play d full 48minutes before it all goes away ..