Sunday, July 16, 2006


the other day i was on my way to work and i saw a car in front of me, and it had the car plate IOGB . its like it was speaking out to me when i found out what it meant, it was telling me a message . was talkin to a friend on the fon yesterday . she said she remembered the 1st few mths when i just got here, everyday talking abt my ex n my old life n complainin i got no friends and LA is not the place i tot it would be . after many mths of complaining, sleeping, eating n lots of basketball . 19 mths of ups and downs . iv finally declare myself absorb and adapted to the lifestyle of an urban resident in the city called Los Angeles . ppl come, ppl go, ppl who i met when i just got here has move on, some even went back, some just grew distant, newcomers are in the house . one day they will leaVe too , but it aint that big of a deal to me anymore . cz i know its not only happening to me of because of the location, i used to blame it on the location and ppl around me . but i was a fool . from what i learnt after so many mths being here . its becoz thats life . its happening everywhere, here in los angeles, kuching whereva . n another thing that came to a shock to me . it just din happen when i got here in LA . its been happening all my life . friends come n go . interest differs with time . mutual interest differs, conflicts, dramas . and ppl move on n choose whereva n whom they feel most comfortable with . and abt my ex, its time for me to let her live her life without me constantly being a nuisance to her . theres no more complaining abt life from me ... its summer in LA . time to party hard, and that operation has already been operating since the start of summer ..

It Only Gets Better ...

Friday, July 07, 2006

Independance Day

independance day weekend . we went hiking at Escondido Falls via Malibu . tons of ppl . we hike up the mountain for abt 2 -3hrs . but cant complain much, cant expect the the waterfall to be like the ones in malaysia, cant even swim in it . but it was fun overall . not really a hiking guy, but it was fun and it got more challenging towards the top . somedays i feel like i wanna go home a few years from now, but yet somedays i feel like i might stay here forever . even if i go back now or soon . there wont be much left for me . n even some ppl back home wanna get out . will see how things goes ..

enjoying the ride for now , every bit of it ..