Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Fading Summer At Sequoia

its been a while since i update this blog . i think its d longest since .. i cant remember when . well . summers almost over . not so crazy as last year . yet not so mellow as i expected . we had our days . we had our drinking sessions . camping at sequoia as u can see on d pics . it was 5hrs drive north from Los Angeles . lots of balling this summer as usual . losing weight muscles getting tight . but also gettin tanner cz of d californian sun . i guess thats a price to pay . but i dun give a shit as long as im murdering on court . schools gonna start next monday . summer is coming to an end . gonna pick up shifts at the restaurant . earning more Gs, meaning getting more kicks fo sho . less ball . more work n school . i guess its time to lessen the fun n pick on the work n studies ..

holla to my home boys and home girls who hit on this blog every now and then . appreciate you all .