Monday, October 30, 2006

Mr. Darth And Co.

halloween weekend, my friends had a costume house party, so took the chance to dress up for the first time . it was hella fun! no complaints at all, evendoh i din win the best costume of the night . but its all good . was playing with my lightsaber the whole night . tommorow is the start of the nba season, i already got good tickets for the game in december, hopefully mr.bryant with the new jersey #24 would be ready for action . whats new in my life? snowboarding season is coming, gonna move to a new place this saturday, closer to venice beach, closer to school and also work, would save up all the time and gas that i use up for driving . currently . im driving 17miles to work, school and venice one way each day . my new place .. would be about 5miles away from all of that . imagine the stress that i would reduce .

anyways it was a great weekend, won the ball game, was down 12pts in the first 10mins . my lungs were hurting me cz i was partly sick, but in the end, despite all that, still drop 28pts with 3-4 assists and a few boards to go with the stats .

soak in every boo, every clap, every cheer - kobe aka the black mamba

Monday, October 23, 2006

Halloween Debut

bought my latest toy last week . cant believe im still able to spend so much on a toy . guess its expected . once im determine to get something or do something . im gonna go all out . as long as it feel its worth it to me . the first pic was at gabriel's birthday party about 2 weeks ago . i was so wasted, its been a while since i drank so much . was tired before the party started . playing in the asian league . really been bz these past few days . esp since my weekly routine is going to work 36hours a week . 14 - 16hours of classes a week . and lots of hours of driving . the lease of the place im staying is gonna end mid november . been lookin for a new place to move .. ideally venice beach . a day before yesterday, i tot i finally got a place in venice . but eventually the landlord said he given the lease to someone else today . but its all good . its not like lifes gonna end or something, come to think of it iv been so much since i came to LA, this aint shit . remembering the day i sat in the living room at my mum's place literally in tears worrying about whose gonna pay my fees for school IF i did get accepted . didnt get to enroll for school, had no income so whatsoever, had no job, had no place to go, had no idea what would the next couple of weeks would bring .. that was almost 2years ago . everything is in place now .. im working my ass off at the restaurant for my fees and with some extra, i can do a lil shopping once in a while .. school, didnt make any friends, but still its all good .. im going to classes trying to learn as much as i can each day,

theres a 73year old waiter in my restaurant, i asked him last night while we working, his so strong still able to work, while most of his friends are already dead, every morning when he wakes up and feel the sunlight in his face, the first touch, when his feet touches the ground, i bet he must thank god that he is able to walk another day, to be able to breathe another day, to feel the breeze another day .

i never imagine in my life, i would b able to feel the sun in my face and my so grateful im alive for another day . i never imagine that i could push myself to such effiency and capacity to be able to produce and work so hard for myself ...

be mindful of the force ..

Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Dear Ronnie

dear ronnie,

remember the time when u stole the ball and we were down by 2 n u pass me the ball with less than a minute left . n i drained the clutch 3 n we won the game . remember we had matching shoes, just different color . remember we met on the bus randomly and u said u didnt want to use ur motorcycle cz u felt its been a while since uv been on the bus . remember how we always talk about girls or basketball n how u try so hard to compete with me . we met about 12yrs ago . i mistaken u for a friend that i knew, but turn out u were someone else . who knew u were gonna one of my best buds for life . remember that nite when u drove me out n we went for supper . remember the time we sat at the court saying that ill b in japan one day, and u said u were gonna be somewhere in london at the same time . always with that sarcasm wherever u went . i still dream of u till today . i lost the picture of u . and the only remembrance i had of u is our memories that we shared together . i just want u to know im doing good . i finally got out of kuching, and finally living out here, overseas . i also want u to know after u left us .. 6yrs ago . i went back to our 'squad' i used ur jersey number #15 . once or twice i swear to god . i saw someone so like u . i was baffle . i wanted to call out, but deep down i know .. it wasnt you . i know we wont meet again this life . but i hope we do in the next . for now .. im trying hard .. to live this life ..

i miss you ..