Monday, November 27, 2006

Death Valley & Turning 23

23 years old on the date of 23rd this month . have i grown wiser? have i learn anything thruout the year, well i got to give myself some credit . i guess any human would have learnt something throughout 365 of sunlight . was thinking of getting myself a snowboard, but then again maybe later on in this life, but not this birthday . it was is too costly for me, for i am a person who gets the best and not half way there, so when i get snowboard, it would probably be one of the tops boards that cost at least 500usd with everything . but its alrite . the pictures above are of a place on this earth called death valley . its located 4hours of driving from los angeles heading north east towards nevada (las vegas) . 20 of us . 20 diffrent lifestyle, 20 diffrent stories , 20 diffrent location , we became one with the desert in a way . it was interesting too see our diffrent characteristic come together . thats life in california , too many immigrants . very hard to find close friends if you are not raised here . death valley, during the summer it can easily goes up to 54celcius, and im not kidding . its one of the lowest and hottest place in the united states . its 86metres below sea level ... this one of the adventures to b written in my book of adventures here in the united states ..

there are many to come .. many birthdays and many adventures ..