Thursday, April 19, 2007


pure definition of each individual word is absurd . each of everyone of us has diffrent definition of each achievement we have made or we plan to make . each of us has diffrent mindsets and dreams we live on . mr.cho of virginia killed 33 people including himself . he kinda reminds me of hitler . the pure evil . somehow i am what i am . im not sad over their lost . its just something that happens in this world daily . people die, some are born . i always wonder how hitler acheive what he did . with just his pure voice, he was able to convince his followers to literally take the bullet for him . back to the definition statement . i was reading my friend kevin's blog about what his goals are . he said he cant see himself doing the things he is doing in 5years . but then again we all have hopes and dreams and family expectations we got to live up to . but still the definition of a baller, i consider myself a baller . i eat,live and breathe basketball . i play for years trying to top everyone . i know the goal is seemed as meaningless and endless even worthless to some people . but still i dig and dig and hunger for it . sometimes even bleed for it . same goes to a snowboarder . a definition of a snowboarder is the same goes to the baller, eat, live and breathe the snow . no blood, no glory? i dont like to make excuses for myself not to do something because of something else . u either do it now or never . lifes too short not-to-do something . like those 32 innocent lives, gone like that