Friday, July 27, 2007

Relive: Tiesto Moment 1.0

4 things comes to my mind in a split moment when i think what drives me 'high' in my life . sex, snow, rave, ball . these are simple words that can define those elements . a good session of sexual intercourse usually drives me to the top, cause my sexual hunger is always at a constant beat, carving snow in the heavens while the apple ipod pumps constant beats in my cerebrum for 8hours while i travel at a high speed, raving with my buddies and also 25000 other strangers . breaking ppl's ankle while the sun sets behind the waves . these are the things i live for in my life at this current moment . some may think that its not really productive or wateva . but i work my ass off to subdue my addiction for this events . it makes me feel alive . it makes me feel worth it when i get shit at work .
i was talking to a friend petrina that i met not long ago . i said to her, there are 5 criterias that have to be met before i can consider there is a chemical reaction that is possible for me to befriend that particular person, but when i thought about it . theres only one criteria for me to able to 'click' with another human being . that is they have the ability to let loose and have fun and try new things . thats all . by having those abilities intact in their blood . the word 'fun' comes automatically without trying ...
anyways .. till i re-live the tiesto moment ...

Monday, July 09, 2007

Summer 07, To Be Or Not To Be?

superb summer . living up the to the hype of summer 05 . i couldnt bliv it . but after lookin at the pictures im really living in the dream once again, new faces but same chemistry . the sincerity . the closeness . i dont know everyone feels it . but i know i feel it . the survivors of the summer 05 is only me, steven and aiko . we lost all d rest . we lost miss crazy shirlene, we lost the dancing evonne, the weed man hock lin, the drinking cynthia and a few more . but i guess new faces brings something refreshing . these new faces were able to make me forget about the snow . i couldnt bliv it . aiko, said at EDC that its gonna be a blast this summer . i wasnt expecting anything close to summer 05 . but these past few weeks . its really been on a similiar level . similiar energy . what happen in summer 05 . after a few months . d crowd was disperse out of no reason . so i still cannot calculate how long will this last or how long its gonna stay together . but one things for sure . i am living in the moment ..

Sunday, July 01, 2007

Electric Daisy Carnival 07

LA , two letters, a location, sometimes it feels like paradise, yet sometimes u feel like ur all alone in this huge huge metropolitan . i sat in a car on the freeway for approx. 10hours in 30+ hours of the weekend . i slept 7hours in those 30hours . danced myself to cramps in 6hours . spent .. dont even know how much i spent . the weekend with friends ... priceless . i remember 2 summers ago . it was crazy as hell . in a good way . this past 2 weekends were living up to the hype . i couldnt bliv it . thanks you guys, aiko, eng jo, chisho & hikaru, stevo, hui ling, ah sa . electric daisy carnival wouldnt be the same with either of one of u guys were not there . so lets hit the next one shall we? armin van buuren on july 14th saturday night? or paul van dyk on july 20th a friday night? lets relive the moment .. love you guys