Monday, March 10, 2008

Pure Love

all i have is nothing, but love for this game, iv spent thousands of dollars, countless hours of sleep, bruises, cuts, scars, blood and alot of heart . im going approx 80kmph on the white slopes, flying on boxes, jibs, quarter pipes, rainbow boxes .. to normal human language, all those are obstacles course, the main obstacle has always been myself, to overcome the fear of falling or crashing, to go over n over again till i get it right . when i fly down the mountain, everything seems to turn into grey color like in the picture, words really cant do justice . overall iv spent in this past 2 seasons 36 days/runs on the mountains . the staff that i was talkin to do about 120 days on the mountain per season .. that is almost 4 times of what im doing in on season .. i cannot imagine the progression ill make once i step into his shoes (boots) .
short term dream: live up in mammoth for the 08/09 season
mid term dream: to boardslide, to butter on boxes n rails, to get air time of 50 feet in the air
long term dream: to travel n snowboard 12 months a year i always thought money could make
one happy, i guess wrong, doing the things that we love day in day out is what can makes one happy .. solace, that is wat we are all looking for on this green planet ..