Saturday, April 26, 2008

Single Serving Friends

suddenly the idea of the 'fight club' theme kinda hits me . i love that movie so much, cause i find resemblance in it of me . i love to go against the system, im a rebel, and i consider many people single serving friends . my sincere apologies to miss billie lim whose getting married in may . but like i said, i wont take back my word, and its the first time i rejected someone's marriage wedding invitation as a guest . sorry i see things these way . i had an arguement on the same topic with miss eeleen hee years ago . iv engraved this theory i have in my heart, it shall not be removed by any only by me . we cant even have a normal meal together on a normal basis . u dun have the sincerity to call me up and ask how am i doing or ask me to go out for a drink . why would i call u? right? if our "friendship" as u called it . is ur telling me u care about me and talk about me with ur dear friend miss shirlene thien on and off basis . im sorry . to anyone out there, sometimes when i say hi to you, its for a reason, its to avoid akwardness, despite that i am nothing to you, so are you to me . please dun be upset . but its true ... to everyone who thinks im their friend . im sorry i have to disappoint you . i still follow my 'phonebook theory' to the bone . if you are not in my phonebook, you are just a single serving friend, even if u make it to the phonebook . you might not be my friend, but just im taking advantage of you and i am a parasite .

my sincere apologies to all

Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Riding Buddies 2008

riding buddies, where should i begin, in 06/07 season, my riding buddies were louis aka tiong, kevin da man & aiko . i had many runs with them at big bear, it was precious moments & memories, ill never forget the laughter & smiles we shared . the following season, louis complaint abt the snow conditions and would only ride if there was a dump . but i see it differently, im not such a good rider, so im not a king, if im not a king, i do not choose my dinners, if its not a feast, ill take it too, once im king .. i will be fit for a feast . kevin, he had injuries along the way, and obligations to his wife-to-be .. and aiko is constantly lost in love, and 3 of em has lost the passion for the white snowy mountain ..

despite that .. i landed myself with 2 other new riders, hikaru & venessa . i just could not bliv in such a short time .. how much they improved and how many runs we have made together in this 07/08 season, ah sa has described wearing her boots as a routine n is easy as wearing her high heels, hikaru on the other hand has mastered the frontside 180 .. 3 of us have such great chemistry, we only have 3 things in mind when we strap in, to go faster, to fly higher & to get better n better . we do not waste time when we r on d slope, we push not for others but for our own self satisfaction . 3 of us ride with skull candy pumping into our brain, searching for adrenaline and striving for perfection

mammoth, everytime on our way home, i leave a lil of my soul on chair 3, goldrush .. i know this season aint over yet, but iv already started my countdown for next season, hopefully ill have my dream turned reality and have my body reunite with my soul in mammoth and have 100days of mileage on my board .. some people say i might jinx it be keep saying it out loud, but i cant help it .. its overflowing inside of me . all i think about, when i sleep, i dream of it, when im awake, i wish im there . when i eat, i wish i was eating there .. i look at d clouds, i wish i was lookin at the clouds from the chair 10 ..

on our way home, one of the guy suggested me to change into warmer/comfortable clothes, i was thinkin, why would i wanna do that? they wear it cz they need to, cz its cold, i wear it cz i WANT to, its different, its the best outfit in my wardrobe, its the best lookin suit, it is the most comfortable outfit . if i could, i would wear it 365days a year . why in the world would i take off my snow gear n get into something 2nd best? it is the most xpensive clothing in my wardrobe, i invested money, blood & my soul into it ..

7 months to go ...