Saturday, September 27, 2008

Fourty Six

thats the number of the days left before i voyage to "the promised land", the top of the world, the center of the universe, my personal heaven . in 46 days, that picture will be my home . i will open my eyes each morning to heaven . call me pussy, call me gay, i think the morning im gonna drive up, im gonna have tears in my eyes, and i have not cry for anyone or anyone for a long long time . yuhwen a friend of mine lived in mammoth for a few months, but the thing is, im sure she didnt want it as bad as i want it . not even close . mag said "not all people can see what you see" . that is totally true, the snow is not even white to me . its shines gold to me, many dont know when im smiling under my electric goggles and bandana when the music is pumping and im just cruising with my "pose" . or the pose i think is the coolest when you ride snow, my riding buddies know what pose im talking about . iv been counting down with 100+ days to go, a friend said all i have to do is go to bed 100 times and the next one when i wake up, ill be in mammoth, and iv cut it down more than half .. 46 times to go, goodbye to my job, goodbye to LA . and say hello to the promised land ..

iv been waiting a long time ..

Friday, September 19, 2008


i know you asked me to do a video, i have no clue how to make a video of apology . and so i think im just gonna write this entry dedicate to you, michelle schoenhardt . i know i need to grow up and i hate when people say that to me, eventhough i know its the truth, just that sometimes when i like something so much, i become obsess with it . and when im obsess with it, i turned into this kid in a candy store . i do appreciate you talkin to cleric and azzie . i do . but at the same time i have this pride that is inside me that tells me i dont want help to acheive something . eventhough in this life we all need one another to survive . and i still believe us meeting was a true miracle ..

and yes, i do need you

from my heart .. im sorry, i truly am

Thursday, September 04, 2008

The Last Days Of Summer

"theres no such thing as a bad summer" i saw this quote somewhere . i guess its true to a point, there is no such thing as a bad summer, cause everything is by choice of oneself . its a bad summer cause you yourself let it be . this summer was pretty good compared to the rest . i visited the big apple for 6 days, my first ever vacation since i landed here in los angeles almost 4yrs ago . and somehow im losing my "friends" here in LA, even my bff mr stevo, he got all caught up with his new girl, and we have nothing to talk about anymore . but its all good . iv indulge myself in this "poi" spinning so much, i kept myself bz the whole summer, raves after raves . been to so many raves this summer countless .. 2 more huge ones coming up Nocturnal and Love Fest in San Francisco, looking forward to those two . gonna be epic events for sure .

70 days to go, till the first picture above will be label as my "home" . all i have to do is go to bed 70 more times and ill be there . i forgot how it felt, how the wind felt, how the hot wax on a board smell like, i forgot how the dusting of snow on the mountain tops look like . but after lookin at that picture . i cannot believe im gonna be living in heaven . 100 days is my goal . to ride 100 times 8 hours per day . to level up on my snowboard skillz . snowboard +2

summers been good to me