Tuesday, July 14, 2009

The 4am Dream

when things catch you by suprise . you find yourself in this state where everything kinda slows down in that point of time and yet the things and moments that just passed seems like a dream . words cant express or explain to yourself where you are in time . "who needs sleep, when you're living the dream" she said . is it possible to feel like a kid again? when the actual age has already reach mid twenties? is it possible to feel naive again? is it possible to feel a few lifetimes wouldnt be enough to live this life?

the starting phase seems surreal and it evolves into a stage where as the fear emerges of losing that dream state you are in, and it goes into another dimension where as the fear has immerse itself into the mist, instead of worrying about all of this being gone, you worry instead that 5 lifetimes wouldnt be enough for the things that are ahead . the thought of the potential being so bright just overwhelms you and you feel like you're lost in this space in this dimension that doesnt coexist with reality itself .

living the dream ..