Thursday, December 17, 2009


another winter has arrived, due to some issues, i couldnt make it up to mammoth this season . the downside of it, i think about it everyday and night literally, its like an old romance . i see her shadow everywhere i go, i see familiar faces near the lifts and when they turn around, complete strangers . i sit near the patio waiting for people to say hi to me, every single person that walked pass has no connection with me . instead of 3500acres of riding, i downsize to 200acres, instead of 30lifts and running wild on the mountain, im just lapping the same chair all day . well i guess thats life aint it, whatever gets thrown to you, you make the best out of it . on the brightside, im still here shredding, working on my park game . i got a pass for the mountain, im unemployed, but i have the key to access to be able to ride . i have a friend who lives up at the mountain, so i can crash at his place anytime . so instead of lookin what i dont have, like mammoth, i look at what i have, i have a great chance not to be left behind, i have the chance to work on my jibbing and kickers . i have a chance to rack up many days this season due to unemployment . FOCUS is the word . focus on things that i have and i can acheive, anything that is beyond my control, let it be . ive done my part