Thursday, February 25, 2010


life & reality? same thing? i really dont know . but i know life is part of reality and reality is a perspective of one's view . for example, one could see yellow another could see blue . is that too far of a difference? but then again what about white and black? well its not about how different it is, but in someway or another it relates doesnt it . and i do notice i only post things here when my perspective are not the best colors usually . but then again its just a perspective of my own .

i love to sometimes wish all this would go away, or i can push the reset button . where i could kinda go back a lil or at least hide from this color . maybe be back 9000 miles? maybe turn the hands of time? maybe could do this or that a lil differently?

but then again i guess out of many people, and acquaintances and people i know, their view on my reality or perspective may vary from different colors at all time . lifes aint all about snowboarding, or living the dream here in the states . theres alot of greyish black times . when things dont go my way . the feeling of running out of time, lagging the in race of life, tight financial binds . And this time is one of em ..

or lets forward time, and ill look back on this post ...