Monday, August 23, 2010

Black Rock City

in 144hours the gates to this city you are lookin at will be opened . and its only open 7 days a year, once a year . i have never been, iv heard of it for many years. and i cant really believe im 6 days away from it . the feeling is so surreal, i could already feel the anticipation of other 50000 citizens that im gonna be living with for 7 days . they come from all shapes and forms and shapes, sizes, race, ethnicity, background, location. all there to embrace the one common goal, that is life itself . creativity unlike no order will be born . the city itself is an art, and all the people that will be there will make it unlike no other .

another unbelievable thing is i was talkin to a buddy of mine that we managed to get on the band wago to experience for the first time . we both agree that it feels like a test to get there . preparation has been made many many months before hand, money saved, plans made, tickets bought . and dealing with all the other shit that life has to offer many months . iv been to many parties and many events, but this is not only a party, but also a spiritual journey, i know its gonna test my physical, mental, spiritual limits . we both felt that our entire life that we have lived, every single moment and bits and pieces of it is leading up to this moment, the moment im talkin about, is people say "when you leave your door step of your house, you're at burning man"

so for us it will be on the 28th sunday morning


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