Friday, October 22, 2010

Default World

47 days back in the default world as they called it . people sometimes asked me, so 'hows it going?' what can i say . ill try to put it as simple as possible, those 3 pictures represent so much, so so much that an average person will ever know or experience .

ever hear of those stories of a prophet who came from a far away land and tell stories about magic and faraway adventures that all the kids imagination run wild . what if i tell you those stories could be true? would you believe me? what if i tell you the prophet exist? would you believe me? how you ask, where you ask . the prophet didnt come and tell me those stories, i myself have turned into the prophet .

iv spoke to many where all of them turned silent, eyes glimmer, jaw dropped, hope found, inspiration over leak . i do not lie or exaggerate my stories, 80 year old men bewildered on my stories, mid 30s ladies eyes fill with tears of joy and hope . it proves to me that age doesnt bring wisdom nor experience on life, your choices and who you are deep inside bring you places, your passion, dedication, heart, hope brings you places and enables you to tell such of a place and experience .

burning man aint no desert rave . its such an insult for those who say those words, its not even close, its not about the naked people running around . dont act like you know, or act like youv been when you dont even know . dont judge a person you yourself has never been in their shoes . do you know? what life means? do you know what success means? do you know what creativity means? inspiration?

so i was there for 7 days, it took me 4 days .. to 'get it' . not to get what the place is . but to get what life is . what life is about . its not about that car, not about that ipod or that pimp jacket . its about passion, its about love . its about going for your dreams and really being what you wanna be, if you wanna be a wizard, a ninja, a cook, literally you go for that and do not fear what others think of you . and that place allows you to strip down to your very core and be what you truly wanna be, sometimes we do not know what we are inside or what we wanna be or become till we are truly in that realm where it is possible . reading this you may think you know who or what you really are . but trust me, if you havent been to burning man ... you dont .. 100% period .. you dont ..

the man burns in 316 days