Thursday, August 04, 2011

Summer 2011

Got flown to Ohio, touched down, Melissa & Jonah took me out to some fabulous pho. Stayed at their pad for a week+, spent alot of time spinning, some times run errands with Grimm. Drove up with Jonah to Kinetic Fire Fest in Chicago, met Rem (this russian fan spinner) before the sun was even up. Met Asaf a few minutes later, and got to see my good eccentric genius friend Alien Jon. Later on, help build a dome in 3 hours out on an open field. LED spin jam happened through out the night, drinking tea with Nicky Evers, Alien Jon, Zan and Aileen and a bunch of other midwest spinners.

The next few days were filled with teaching workshops, learning, exchanging stories and ideas, met Charlie Cushing on that day. Went to Walmart with me driving Charlie, Alien Jon and Asaf. At night were some epic fire spin jams that went on till late.

Rain was heavy during one of the day of the festival, alot of us hid at the barn and taught workshops there. That night when the spin jam was outside the barn, it was pretty epic and went on till the sun nearly came up. Spent the sunrise with Christian Medina and a guy named Fox from Michigan talking about travelling, life, spinning.

Before I went back to Los Angeles, went out with Bells & Graham to Dancing Wasabi in Ohio. Epic

Kinetic Fire Fest, had an amazing time and made many life lasting connections.

Flew back to Los Angeles and drove up to Firedrums not long after with Jennifer and Tea Faerie. Firedrums, too much craziness to talk about. Epic workshops, epic talent, too much to take in. Rastaxel, Tom Charot, Thomas Johansson, LOOOP, Mcp, Rem, Asaf, Keith Marshall.

Help drove a family up to Portland, stop in San Francisco and hung out with a bunch of spinners and Portland with Cameron Dollinger.

Flew back to Los Angeles and 10 hours later was a on a 6hour flight out to Minnesota, was picked up by Ase and Sandra with Ase's kid Aedyn. Hung out at Ase's place a bunch, went out for pho behind his house one of time. And head out to Camp Fire, set up tent with him and hung out a bunch with Loki, Mojo, Ase, Exuro and a bunch of the MN kids, taught workshops, took workshops, hung out with a bunch of MN spinners, aspired, inspired, learn and taught. Got to hang out with Paul Greenbaum, Bliss, Thom Thumb, Alien Jon, Noel and a bunch of others.

Flew back to Los Angeles, and not long after left for Malaysia, after a 30+ hour flight with layovers, we passed out on the floor of Hong Kong Airport. Flew to KL, a few hours of layover and finally reached our final destination, after 30 something hours, we head straight to Petanak market and had two bowls of Kueh Chap. Spent the next two weeks, eating alot of Laksa and amazing Kueh Tiaw, hung out with high school friends, and childhood friends that I havent seen in more than a decade and my grandmas and family. Had our Kuching wedding, and our wedding dance was our partner poi set.

Left Kuching and spent 2 days in Genting Highland and then later on met up with Aifique, Crimmy and Ji Man, had an informal workshop in KL, then we had an amazing fire spin jam at Urbanscapes Art Festival in Kuala Lumpur.

We left KL and landed in Bangkok and took a taxi for 400baht to Khao San road, we tried to look for our budget guesthouse that I booked but somehow found out the road is basically a 3 feet wide alley way, after looking for it a while we ended up following a 5/6 year old boy down the alley way, after 8 or 9 turns into the maze we end up at our budget guesthouse Amarin Inn.

Spent a couple days at Khao San road, Prahatit Park, did some shopping, ate alot of Pad Thai and Tom Yum for really cheap. Met up with Kristi Knupp, spun some poi with her and got some information about Pai. We all got foot massages, fish spa and took a tuktuk around town for fun.

The next day we had a full body thai massage, couldnt believe I only had one massage the whole time we were there. Visited the Grand Palace, Wat Pho, Golden Buddha in Chinatown, took water taxis, roam around Thailand and rode elephants and watched the show Siam Niramit.

Took a 12hour train ride to Chiang Mai and hop on a 3hour van ride not to long after and end up in Pai. Got tattoos, rented bikes and cruise around, had Pad See Ew and more Pad Thai, fruit shakes, went to the Jungle Bar. Left Pai and was back in Chiang Mai after 2 nights.

Rested in Chiang Mai and head to hunt down Babylon Cafe in Chiang Mai, heard of fire spinning happens there on Saturday night. Met some Thai fire spinners, got together with them and spun with them. Epic!

Left Thailand and headed to Singapore to do a series of 4 day workshops. Met Singaporean spinners, taught workshops, walked around Orchard Road and thanks to Xyn for making it happen for us.

37165 miles, done .. next stop Burning Man )'(


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