Friday, February 07, 2014

3344 days later

  3344 days later. Over 9 years, 10 more months to a decade was the day I left my birthplace Kuching. So much has happened between those 3344 days, so much growth, even my typing now is different compared to the many years ago.

  So grateful to be able to live in California, to learn and to be expose to a bigger world, the lessons, the hardships, the friendships, the love, the heartache, the girls, the maturity, the marriage, the green card, the fire spinning, Burning Man. So much has changed.

  Being back here for the 2nd time since I left brings back alot of old memories, the years of falling in love, the heartache, the reason that I left insearch for a new start, a new life. It is a little weird to be back here and seeing not much has change and old memories coming out of everywhere, but yet I have change, the friends have change, in a good way. Married, with kids.

  Got to catch up with many of them tonight, and brought up topics of good memories, good laughter.

So I decided to do a post, to revive this blog. Its nice to write something more personal other than work and flow for a change. Old memories, friends and heartache instead.

To the exciting future ahead. Cheers.


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