Wednesday, January 11, 2006

The Inevitable

my first two nba games, pic1 clippers vz kobe = kobe lost, pic2 clippers vz hawks = blowout . i think clippers are gonna do pretty well compared to all those years they have gone thru, but got to say kobe's having a madness month this month, scoring 40+pts in all his previous games . leading everyone in scoring . fuhs

i reached home not long ago just now . nothing much, just another day of work at the restaurant . when i was on the way back . same shit, stuck in traffic again as usual . really heavy traffic on the 405freeway . was thinkin, this traffic is inevitable everyday, same as 'change' ,we all face 'changes' in our lives from one stage to the other, we all have hard times adapting to the new enviroment n surroundings in our lives, we move on eventually but no matter how hard we try to remain the same, things are the way it is, time changes people, people change, even we dont realize it, we change also .. inside of us . little by little we change , the way we think, act n make judgements. eventhough its not by our own will but we change, we adapt, we survive . in the end, one thing in this world is forever unchangeable, that is change itself .


Anonymous Mike said...

WAH PIANG!!!! SO FAR MEH? are we gonna sit that far away? >.<

8:56 PM  
Anonymous smashpOp said...

wow.. ive never been to any of those bball games.. sigh.. malaysia..

10:35 PM  
Anonymous baselnator said...

wtf vin the picture, it looks more like a chess board to me more than a nba basketball court! haha woi get a front seat for next lakers game, u know the better seat, where u can actually see kobe close, his moves, and take some great pictures. But it might cost quite alot ya. Neways, happy 2007!

8:49 AM  
Blogger Veron said...

yea, everyone changes all d time. makin changes (self stage)...
makin changes with ppl who want to make changes (sharin stage)...
makin changes with ppl who want to make changes by doin somethg tht makes a change (significance stage)

2:07 PM  
Anonymous louyau-mike said...

Heh ... basketball is your life, marv!

6:10 PM  
Blogger Chienne said...

the court looks like a board, the players pins stuck into it. cute.

10:00 PM  

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