Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Kobe vz Shaq IV

shaq was in town last nite at staples center . 25k seats was sold out, no doubt . kobe-shaq iv. and near the end of the 4th quater kobe got better of his teammate finally after the fourth try in 2 years, he made 13 of his 24 shots n all 9 of his free throws . scored 37pts . kobe has been averaging 40.5pts in his last 11games . wat can i say . kobe is doing his thang .

i drove down with my girl to staples last nite . praying that we would get tix to watch d once in a year matchup at staples . but standing outside in the cold for more than an hour didnt help . so we ended up in the sports bar at staples center . ppl cheering n shouting . it was kinda fun doh . for a cheaper entertainment .

my own game on sunday was also a superb one . i only scored 4pts in the 1st half . playing really badly . n we were down by 5 - 9pts most of the time . n by 2nd half . i played 3 times better . scored 3 times more . stole d ball 3 times n at least 4 - 5 assists . with a minute to go . we tied the game with a 6 -0 run at 52 . with 30secs left . i was knocked down to the floor . waiting for d call dat wasnt ever made by d ref . d opposing team got fouled . so he had 2 free throws with 16secs left . omg . wat a joke! he missed 2 of them . we got the rebound . timeout was called . n with 15secs remaining . the ball was inbounded to me . i was going for the last shot . as i took d 1st dribble . i was double teamed so i threw it to my center . n two more players collapse on him . with a split second thought i was already cutting to d basket . my center dish back the rock to me . n with 2 secs left . i made d lay up . game time baby! . dat was it 54 - 52 . clutch play . aint too bad if i say so myself . havent played in a game like that for quite a while .

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Anonymous Caterine said...

i felt released dat we didnt miss da game even though we can't get the tix. it was a great game, no doubt.
i think im getting into it, basketball and your world. you always say that if we dun have the common interests, i wouldn't understand the pleasure that you enjoying such as hot spicy food, japan, G-35, basketball, roller coaster...and that kinda saying makes me feel like we are far apart. i dun wanna feel dat way, i dun wanna touch you juz in my dreams, i wanna make all these come true. thus, i learned watching nba, understanding the rules and regulations, going for your every games. until last sunday, i saw the brand new me. the me, who used to b a basketball idiot, was holding my breath at de second the ball was threw out from your finger, was shouting and cheering with you in the sport bar last monday. at dat moment, i feel like you are no more just a dream to me. cuz i can breath the passion and excitement that you have towards da ball.
i might not yet a basketball freak, but i'm no more a basketball idiot. this is my way to show my luv.

11:39 AM  
Blogger The Prophecy said...

wow..thats sweet of u. Hats off! Waydego vin & babe!

2:43 AM  
Blogger Veron said...

a lil bit late for this comment. but still able to catch up b4 another entry comin up. well, dun really get it d "bball language". but cld sense d love in bball u developed...kp it up! ^^

12:20 PM  
Anonymous annabella said...

wahh... your blog suddenly looks so professional...

7:45 AM  

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