Tuesday, January 10, 2006

New Blog Born

i guess this a new place, a new blog, a new start, for the year 2006 . suddenly had this urge for a new start today .

had a normal day as usual . drive 30mins to work at the restaurant . did a couple of deliveries and as usual get off at 3pm then head to
Mitsuwa to do some grocery shopping for dinner tonight, was thinking of shabu shabu and some sashimi . after that was goin down to the apple store down at Manhattan Beach . and guess what, as a usual californian whose living in Los Angeles would experience . i was in the car about an hour plus for the whole trip . considered i was quite lucky today, not too heavy on the traffic .. and when i was at the Apple Store i had the staffs known as 'Genuis' , i think who are programmers of MACs at the 'Genuis Bar' looked at my Ipod Mini, and when they plug it in, it worked fine. i felt like an idiot standing there . oh man .

well after i reached home, i guess since i got a 'new' Ipod (they did give me a new Ipod the last time my girl went there to see whats wrong with it) , new Ipod, new year, feeling pretty good about myself today, might as well write abit of my life in Los Angeles.. and also waste some time creating a new blog, kinda sick of my
old blog ..


Blogger Chienne said...


seems like most xangians are converting to blogspot.

more flexibility anyway.

9:50 PM  
Blogger Veron said...

w00t! jitpunkia in blogspot! hehe..
not bad huh? managed to get somethg new for yourself, shd hv spent q plenty time doin it. and got d poster here...so happy to c it here! ^^
u r not an idiot k, dun call yourself like tht. shd believe your own abilities. thr shd be other thgs tht u r stronger den others. (am not a genius with such thgs oso)
happy new year Marvin! new hopes new startin! refreshment huh? all d best to u.
god bless!


11:32 PM  
Anonymous clones said...


1:26 PM  

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