Thursday, March 16, 2006

The 405

well today at work wasnt the best days i worked there . when everyday i have to take the 405 freeway back home . about 40+kms n the 405 has one of the heaviest traffic in the world esp during 8-10am 2-9pm, i drive app. about 20km per hour , so when u do the math it takes me about 1hour+ each way to get home, once i was caught up to 2hrs on the freeway just to get home . anyways today i took the most outter lane, which means in the middle of the freeway, so i was able to see the faces of ppl goin the other way, i thought about the book i read 'The Alchemist' n how Santiago read the language of the world in sheeps and deserts n how the world consipire to help us succeed . when i woke up this morning i kept telling myself over n over again the whole day 'things are gonna b alrite, things are gonna b alrite' to my suprise, it kinda worked, anyways back to the freeway, so i decided to look at those thousands n thousands of faces on the way home, i saw ppl yawning, ppl singing to the same song that was playing on the radio channel that i was listening, i saw ppl talk on the fon, ppl talkin, sleeping while the driver drives, ppl scratching, ppl lookin back at me . so i was singing to the song on the radio while lookin at the ppl on the freeway . its the language of the world ..that i forgot why was i here in LA . why am i driving on the freeway, why did i chose to resign from my job back home n move here . i forgot i was in one of the most wonderful cities in the world . instead of lookin at the side where it lacks kuching's warmth n love, on the other hand , it has diversity, opporturnity, privacy n u can sit at a starbucks drinking coffee on a sunday afternoon n just drift into the moment, where as in kuching, u cant do that ..

it kinda brighten up my day thinking abt the things said in the book ..
why am i in LA? why am i breathing californian air? it all came back to the decision i made to come here to look for my own 'treasure', to acheive my dreams of living overseas since i was a kid . like santiago leaving his sheep n pursue his dreams of finding his treasure in the desert . as for him , he met with theives n sand storms etc . same goes to life . as how u view it ..

i think, this is the turning point for me . tommorow will be a year n 3mths since iv been here .. theres no more lookin back at my 'sheeps' anymore ..

god created desert so that man can appreciate trees


Blogger Shoehorn said...

This month is really tough for me... yesterday I have the same question - why am i in LA?
Why did I let go my career in KL and start over here again?


5:46 PM  
Blogger s2theeven said...

A legit contender for entry of the year award. I haven't seen you write anything positive for a little while.. well, since you arm messed up.. things just not going your way.. Seems like somehow you get a glimpse the light at the end of the tunnel and you saw it thru a book.. oh boy.. book can be such a great thing. Keep reading, keep being inspired, keep fighting.. one day its gonna be your story that inspires others.

Love that quote.

2:24 AM  
Anonymous koyuuken said...

I remembered the previous posts. you repeat again what you said in this post... About why are you here? Your life is going on and etc. Anyway, everything is up to you, don't be regrets with your decision. If miss us, come back to malaysia :P

2:29 AM  
Blogger Ling said...

that's it vin...keep up the positive thoughts... ^^ life ain't that bad... tho we have our ups and downs... try to shift ur thoughts from what we don't have.. to what we actually have.. learn to appreciate what's actually there for u.. =)

12:52 AM  
Blogger Veron said...

the same way goes with "God put you in this earth so that He can fulfill His purposes for you."

12:05 PM  
Blogger calvism said...

i like the last line.

+ on the contrary u r living an american dream

11:36 PM  
Anonymous JMEJMEJMEJME said...

Yeah, I agree the highways in LA are crazy.. so many of them... so many cars. Looking at the faces maybe you realise that each person each in their own cars each have a different life, each have their own problems, their own succeses, their own joy and happiness but also their own sadness. You are not alone in this world whereever you are~

5:11 PM  

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