Saturday, April 08, 2006

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1st of all . about 7yrs ago, a person named balan told me . 'not all people that speaks to u are ur friends'. so i was kinda so into it . when i think abt it . not all ppl who speaks to me are my friends . so wat are friends? pretty tough question i guess .

anyways this entry wasnt suppose to b here this soon, i was slowly drowsing into sleep at around 1+ in the morning, suddenly my chef called, george. he called n said he was checking out my blog n pictures. so i asked him to sign in his messenger, so i waited in front of d computer for 40mins, which he never did sign in . i dunno why . i never did got back to sleep, thats why im writing this .

anyways back to my topic . wat is a friend? well for me. a 'friend' is totally a diffrent version from wat normal ppl consider friends to be . i think u got to check if ur name is in my phone or not, mayb ull qualify to be a 'friend'. thats just maybe, even if u do, u may still not qualify as a friend, coz i only keep 3types of ppl's name in my phone, family, friends and ppl i have use for . im like a parasite, i cant deny that. well 2nd of all to be a 'friend' i guess u have 2 b 'close', like knowing where he/she lives and wats goin on in their lives n shit . not just saying hi n bye once in a lifetime could consider to b a 'friend'. or even see each other on events and go like 'hey how u doing, its been a while' etc . thats just plain bullshit . those ppl askin that, think again, most likely they dun even care if ur doing good or not or ur still alive or buried 6feet under, they just being polite n asking for the sake of conversation, so they wont seem like an asshole . so i wont deny this, for those type of ppl, they can die in an accident or get kill or watever, basically disappear from the face of the earth, he/she wont even bother me if i dont get to see their faces again, if their existence has been erased. they are the same category with those homeless ppl i see on d streets . they dun matter to me . most likely, when they die, i wont be goin to their funeral, neither would i expect for them come to mine. i have experimented with those funerals before, there was a guy who wasnt close to me, but i knew him n he knew me. couple years ago, he died in a car accident, his car crashed into a tree, some ppl told me that he died . tell u d truth, i din give a fcuk abt it . seriously, even if dat person din tell me . it would b d same, makes no diffrence in my life . some ppl are trying to act so nice n they can save the world . but from my eyes . this is reality . so bite it

p.s so i guess i know quite a number of ppl, an average person knows about 300ppl i heard . i myself know about 500 or more, but i have only about 5% or less are in this category that i considered as a 'friend' . for those who consider me as a 'friend' of urs with just saying hi n bye. thats too naive n basically stupid . think again, when u ask me 'how am ur doing' and all those other bullshit .

- peace -


Anonymous jmejmejmejme said...

aaaw... i think i am one of them ppl who don't qualify for a 'friend' poor me. but in my defence, i didnt have much time to get to knowu much did i?! but its true. nowadays cos i have a new physical look i walk around and manage not to say hi to a lot of ppl cos they dont recognise me. sometimes i just dont feel like small chat with ppl who dont really care. its really hard to find and keep good friends. friends who genuinely care. friends who love and share. well maybe u and i marvin can be blogger friends hehehe.!!! LOL, take care (and i do mean that) - jme

3:17 AM  
Blogger Veron said...

alright, i've figured out d and the comment been sent to your mail box instead of here. ways to go Marv, behold and keep the faith.

Grace and Peace,

1:57 PM  
Blogger calvism said...

ui, y so emo?

chill man~ u need to ball! definitely will make u feel better :)

8:41 PM  
Blogger こうゆうけん said...

Honesty I don't know what you want after reading this post. What should people do till you satisfy or agree them as your friend? Sometimes we should think selflessness for others. Everyone is busy with own things. At the moment maybe not only you are the one who is down...

From what I know, you got a lot of friends who are always there for you. I don't know you but for me myself does really care of my friends.


3:43 AM  
Anonymous baselnator said...

hi vin, byeeeeee LOL

cb u still with these thoughts ya, we talked about this couple of yrs ago if u still remember.

12:24 AM  
Blogger Liz said...

i agree with you ... to a certain extent. heh

6:58 AM  

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