Friday, April 21, 2006


somewhat . couldnt sleep in this mid spring friday morning . woke up at 230am . couldnt go back to sleep . so hit my ipod with tiesto's music again . kinda refreshing and slightly heading to the right mood . was thinkin about the past again . esp d past 2 days . i miss those fridays i had . was talkin to my chef about it . i told him how i wake up on friday mornings excited about the whole weekend . goin to the office at first . finish work at noon . head to the car wash . then resting at home till 4/5pm . ballin time . after a few superb games . will go home and rest till friends come n pick me up . and off to the bars we head . checkin out chiqs and getting tipsy . i know how to have fun .. totally . but now .. all i do is create excuses for myself to hide from the outside world . to hide myself during the weekends . i have no drive or urge to hang out with anybody . its like i totally lost my will to survive . every friday its like every monday to me . its no diffrence . nothing exciting is gonna happen . just keep on making excuses for myself . n yet i know every 'moment' or present that we live in will perish sooner or later . nothing will ever stay the same . dun u feel its sad . that nothing will ever stand in a place . eternity that is what man seek . but even time itself will perish . knowing that even right now . this moment . iv never work this hard for something in my whole life . its been a long time since i started this endless routine of mine . hardly interacting with any humans, except a mexican chef and a el savadorian dishwasher . sadly to say . its the only 2 friends i interact with daily, one doesnt even speaks english . i dun even get the chance to dress up like i used to . i only use my black shirt n pants for work 5 days of the week . i am prisoner of my own design?.? am i?


Anonymous caterine said...

the only friend i interact daily is my computer, the one who understand all languages but couldn't speak, if "wassup" doesn't count as a conversation.

woke up in the morning, stucked in da traffic, worked, stucked in traffic again, cook, eat and sleep. not even have time for chatting in msn or browsing net. earning money but couldn't spent them as i wish. Working life with student's budget. I dunno whoever could stand for this routine. I can't deny that i hate this kinda life. Yet, nothing i can do about it except trying to cheer myself up.

You don't want to have the bad time all the time, they will make you sick and frustrated. As well, You can't have the good time all the time, they will make you boring. If the day can't make you happy, accept it, step back and view it on the other angle. Mayb you'll see something nice that you never notice on your current position.

life is slow, doesnt mean it's empty. whether it's black and white or colorful, it depends on the painter. The happiness and sadness you gonna have, is always what you choose at the beginning. If you choose to paint it blue, blame yourself! But you always have other options either to play it well or give it up. It's up to you!

8:51 AM  
Anonymous TAK said...

Yep... the good ol friday nights with u, ah yang, paul, mike, ck and the moonwalk!! The way u go through life now is the way i go through life here everyday. without the palm trees, sunshine, over population of asylum seekers and the overwhelming currency exchange rates...

6:11 PM  
Anonymous wa si ah soon said...

sa was dee kap...

7:56 AM  
Anonymous wa si ah soon said...

tis cat argh,owez write plenty of shit one bo...geram nia..

7:58 AM  
Blogger The J's said...

We need to find out the reason of the problem.. Sometimes I feel that my life is very boring but sometimes, I do feel that it's interesting enuf cos I hv a bunch of good frens from secondary school and another bunch from uni.. As for working.. This is the routine of life.. We just hv to go thru this.. I hv to deal with lotsa calls from customer since my job is Customer Service.. So, I might not be having problem that no interaction is happening arnd me.. But sometimes, when the calls come in like TSUNAMi.. Then you will know, interaction is too much.. lol

Anyway, just want u to know.. Sometimes, we hv to accept what we are doing and when thing gets very bored or uncomfortable.. Then we need some changes in our life.. THis is just my own point of view ya.. Not necessary to follow la of course.. Hehe! n bhappy dude!


12:06 AM  
Blogger audrey said...

in a way, i am like u, i'm not contented with what i have and what i am. i'll never be i guess. i wish my life is more exciting as well. if i start whining, i can go on forever.

3:06 AM  
Blogger s2theeven said...

Summer is at the corner, hang tight, i have a feeling good times on the way.. right now, i just a need a new crib.. fuck..

8:38 AM  
Anonymous JMEJMEJMEJME said...

Wow, how come it seems like you Americans are never really quite content with your life/jobs? You must come experience Australia. We are even more laid back then Western Americans - we have crap jobs/pay/life but we live and we move on. But man, if your Friday is the same as your Monday - dude, you need a social life! Hehe.

7:03 PM  

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