Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Paintball 06

top pic . continuation from newport beach's bbq . the pics after that was last weekend's paintball event . comparison, this year's map was way better than last year's . but d crowd was about the same . heat was too high that day, we had around 40ppl . by 2pm it was like 7 versus 7 . the rest couldnt take the heat . the heat was too high . near a 100F . or should i say around 36Celcius . anyways it was worth the heat . i had fun . i dunno about the rest of d guys . d pic below . u see the guy on the right , can u bliv it . he broke his leg . on the last map . i dun mean breakin ankles at the beach, but literally breaking his leg . omg . i think he cant do any sports for one or two years to come . if it were me .i think i would book the next flight back to malaysia .

summer's here wat can i say . waiting for the adrenaline to set in . not expecting high waves of adrenaline, but at least more events . but i do look fwd to snowboarding again this year end .

school's over on friday . i guess its time to back on my regular job, that is a serious full time beach baller down at venice . w00t


Blogger pisconight said...

I like paintball but not with all that heat... 36ÂșC?!?!?

6:58 AM  
Anonymous clones said...

how he broke his leg? u use the real gun? carbine? lolx

1:54 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

wahh broke the leg. so scary! the worse experience ive seen is just that the pallet hit my friend on his balls! ouch

enjoy the holidays


8:18 PM  
Anonymous ladyshanice said...

i wanted to try paintball so much.. but heart the bruises are massive!

eh,, u look darker d....

10:16 AM  
Anonymous jmejmejmejme said...

mmm... i wud LOVE to try paintballing! wen i was in LA my friends in AUS was paintballing, now wen i am AUS my friends in LA are paintballing. i am fated never to paintball! looks like u guys had heaps of fun! Next time im there lets go again ok!! PS hope ur friend is ok, his surgery go well?

11:22 AM  

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