Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Slicing Ice

folks, been in the united states and officially living in los angeles for 2years 2days and counting . its my fav time of the year again, ice slicing time up in the mountains, despite getting all my weapons after 2 seasons, the only last thing im missing is a snowboard . i got the goggles, the beanie, the camo jacket, the billabong pants . it was a great saturday, we got a lil lost driving up to big bear , besides the totally fun snowboarding we had the whole day facing the snowfall in the evening, we got stuck in snow during the trip back . usually a drive to big bear is about 2hrs from LA, but on the way back, we had to buy chains and get em on the tyres , driving really slow, adding to the snow were accidents along the way . it took us 6hours to get back to LA, but frankly speakin, to me . it was all worth it . i love snowboarding, very seldom i find something that i wanna be good at, and loving the moment where i see myself improving in a short period of time . of coz i love basketball, but snowboarding gives me the adrenaline, when im cutting thru ice full speed zig zaggin my way through, its almost the same feeling when im crossingover some dude n burning him with my move ..

so hopefully this season would be fill with tons of ice slicing moments ..


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