Wednesday, January 03, 2007


these are a few pictures of december, a picture of the first sunset of 2007, me and my new booard and snow crew during xmas, armin van buuren countdown . well people come and go, its been over 2yrs since i arrived to this city, at times i feel like i might end up somewhere else, then at times i feel i might even stay here for a long long time to come . besides my dear aunts who sometimes vizit this blog . i sometimes wonder who else has nothing better to do and come to see whats going on in my life, well if you are reading this, dont be offended, im just curious who are they people who actually come here n check this site out . over a short period of time people come and go, some went on with their own paths some lost, some still lookin for a way, whatever it is, its a brand new year to all of us who are reading this still . maybe 5yrs ago i dont find anything special about a new year or any significance to it, but this year . i do cherish everything that has happen to me, to lead me to where i am right now . i may not work the best job, or have the most money, but i do have my health and im workin very hard to the direction i think is the right one for me . compared to last year where i lost my wallet and instead of dancing the night away, i was at my friend's place watching the new york ball drop . sad story . anyways i guess i can feel its gonna be a long long time till i go to another rave again . the feeling is slowly fading away , ill find something to indulge and to be obesses with for sure . snowboarding is slowly infecting my blood and taking over basketball which i love with all my heart, but its all good . once every 10years .. comes an obessesion ..

for all of you out there, may this new year be a good one to all of us ..


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I believe a lot of ppl do read your blog but decides to remain anonymous! anyways, keep up the blogging, and I wish that you have an even better year ahead of you!


9:50 PM  
Blogger Decaf said...

juz dropped a few words so u know i m always readin..


9:42 PM  
Anonymous veroniaz said...

i'm reading. ^^
at least i see someone's working hard to create better life in foreign country. it's not easy i understand. may your efforts bring u the real happiness.

6:20 AM  
Blogger roachz said...

Yeah I dont know why but i am reading your rants. Probably I have nothing better to do, and everyone needs an outlet especially between waking up and sleeping and denying to one's self that there are some homework to be done.

Have fun!!

p.s. Like your hair!

1:34 AM  
Anonymous Stevo said...

Yeah, going to a NYE rave is so much better than watching the ball drop at home..

9:00 PM  

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