Monday, January 15, 2007

The Hunger

iv been up to the mountain the 4th time this season, i have doubled how many times i went snowboarding last season so early into the season . all i have in my mind is the ice, day n night . its like a drug . im hooked, or u can say 'iced' . the last memory i had of being so addicted to smth was when i started ballin, throughout the day my hands would itch and they were dying just to touch the ball . its this hunger and this beast within me, must be subdue before it goes out of hand . i cant stand just being an average joe . i cant sleep well at night knowing the fact that im a beginner, a noob at something . i have to exceed it's limit, surpass all peers n lead the pack in whatever i do . sometimes its a bad thing for people around me might find that im cocky and feel that im mr-too-good-for-everybody, but being hard of myself just to excel for my own individual hunger is the sole purpose . if that offended u, im truly sorry . but to all the haters out there . i dont really give a fcuk what you think about me . i am me . you can judge, you can hate but ill stil be me .

one thing about snowboarding that relates to dwyane wade from the miami heat is that evrytime i fall it reminds me of his saying . fall 7 times, get up 8 . he hits d deck from time to time, and he still stands up no matter what . a very good theory in life . no matter how many times i fall . im still gonna get up, despite the pain and all those feeling of giving up .. ill still stand ..


Anonymous Anonymous said...

expensive drug! gotta work harder to play this hard! :P


9:53 AM  
Anonymous Decaf said...

A great attitude indeed.. wat's wrong for wanting to be the best?! wat's wrong for admiting ur ambitious to be the best?! & wat's wrong for being honest to urself?!

Dun let other ppl's value affect ur judgement.. be the person u want to be.. bcoz in the end, it's ur life.. not theirs..

1:01 AM  

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