Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Ice Drug

spend an hour sitting here trying to upload my fav video from youtube . finally got it done . sigh . this is all i can think about day and night literally, day and night . the location of this surfers are at mountain high , so called southern california closest ski resort, during weekends its pack with so many people, its like the whole LA is there to snowboard, lots of good snowboarders and noobs as well .. i got the music in my ipod . and i make sure it last 7hrs at least this time, while listenin to armin van buuren, pvd while rocking the slopes .

this people doing those trick are dope, and also crazy, cause of the snow here aint powder, its mostly ice, so if you fall, you'll break your leg, its like falling on concrete, this is how i bust my forehead .

till next time . counting the days till i surf ..


Anonymous veroniaz said...

wow... it's cool... i'm gonna love it if i hv the chance to do it once too..too bad here cant snowboarding....urghhh...

7:03 AM  

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