Sunday, February 04, 2007

Ai Wo Sakebu

iv seen many people write about this . i was just thinking abt it myself . what are the most top ten things i love?

i love:
1. snowboarding
2. street wear clothes / my boxers too
3. basketball
4. my shoes
5. sushi
6. being in love / sex; re-edit for steven
7. computer / internet
8. music / ipod
9. compliments

the top 10 things i love with just split second consideration ...
since everything is going right for me this week . making lots of Gs during work, my boss might have someboday to take my sunday shifts . snowboarding .. let the good luck continue .. god bless you, to those who are reading this blog from time to time , and be safe .

p.s i was snowboarding with a fellow kuchingite, kinda rare, eddie aka cook engineer


Anonymous Steve-0 said...

You are such a liar, dawg..
No man's top ten is complete without Sex.
Eggs beat Sex?
who you trying to fool?


12:14 AM  
Anonymous baselnator said...

Woi it looks like ur spending money like water, so im wondering do u still plan of coming back hmm

12:07 PM  
Blogger Wen said...

Its all about the snow...
I love it!!!
Had a great time with you guys today... Kisses!!!

11:33 PM  

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