Wednesday, February 14, 2007


its very seldom i post consecutive entries in my blog, its been so long since i had this. here it comes again, it strucked once . somewhere around mid year 04 before i came to the states, i remember well i was still with my ex having this bullshit long dist. relationship, everything was goin fine at that time, but suddenly one day i woke up, i felt like the world hated me, if not hated me, wants me dead or disappear from the face of the earth, i felt every look in every human being towards me was just pure hatred. its a weird feeling, and eventually i deleted my friendster and she called to ask what was wrong . nothing was wrong . i just felt like smashing something or destroying something if possible if i can kill someone without being caught guilty later on . a day before valentine's day . that was yesterday i had the exact feeling again . i have no reason or explanation why i feel this way . i have deleted all my contacts on my msn about maybe 250 of them that i have accumulate throughout the years . somehow it makes me feel better that i have shown myself i have no need for anyone to prove of my existence . i was wondering i might have a slight case of bipolar malfunction like the legendary sixth seal . i enjoy pain, i enjoy tormenting myself and making myself feel as sad as possible . i might delete all the phone numbers in my phone book later on . its wierd how better i feel when i make myself believe i have no use for contacting other people, where as i can survive on my own . by making it a fact to myself that not one person that i know care about my existence, therefore i have to make sure i have no feelings for others too .


Anonymous Steve-0 said...

relax, bro, just chill.

10:56 PM  
Anonymous veroniaz said...

Man, this is upsetting me. Don't worry, u ain't that bad la.. not hopeless yet. I beleive u aint the only one suffer this "sickness", maybe i am too. well, always remember to think in the brighter side. If u don't have a heart, u won't shout all out. u are just, get used to the bad habits which u've been practicing since small. u NEED to ignore them, even though they still exist in your mind. this is how the evils torturing people... their minds. nomatter what, I'll still take u as friend, mentally as said.

6:59 AM  

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