Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Cigarettes & Snow

a piece of cloud i took down from the californian sky . what a crazy weekend it was, well worth it though . started off with a friday night with chisho's birthday dinner at torrance, anyways by the time it was over with a lil champagne it was 230am and i had to wake up at 430am to start driving to a friend's place so we could carpool to the mountain, and praying we would start shredding snow before 9am, so we started around 930am, stop at 130pm had lunch till 230pm, continue the snow orgazm till 6 something, caught couple inches of air of the ground with a perfect landing, did the box, race with the japanese snowboarder from whistler (#1 ski resort in the world), chisho . by the time we got back to LA, it was 9smth, had our dinner and headed back to my friend's place, they were all not at home . having a gambling chinese new year chap goh meh session, so i ended up joinin them and gamble till 3 in the morning with just 2hours of sleep the previous night . then had a chance to catch up with a very good friend of mine, we talked till 5smth in the morning, that friend prove that real "real" friends dont have to see each other every day, and yet we din see each other for such a long time, when we talk, the feeling was still the same like a few summers ago . i miss the times we had together, it was so crazy and we never thought of wat would happen the next day, just focusing on the moment . and after the long talk, i had to wake up at 9am to play a league, by sunday morning, my phone was dead, so was my ipod, not to mention myself . i could barely walk, i only played the first half of the game, scoring 12pts . i gave up after that, my team lost . i din care too, my head was bobbing hard, my legs were weak, my body felt as it was gonna break into pieces, by the time i had my breakfast/lunch it was 3pm, and joined my friends in another bball session at 4pm till 6pm, won couple of games and my legs had the cramps . we reached his place at 630pm, they all went to dinner, i quickly took a shower n i was KO after that till 9pm . sometimes im amazed at how i can go, even my body couldnt take it, nobody could hang with me, most ppl were already sleeping when i was still gambling saturday night . won 15 bucks though, its been a while since i had that like chinese new year feeling .

incredible weekend ...


Anonymous JaneDoe said...

This entry reminds me of the sleepless late nights back in good old college/uni days! I miss my old life, my old friends and even more, the old me.. sigh

Anyway, glad you had an awesome weekend!

8:59 AM  
Anonymous steve-o said...

I felt just the same, we used to pull crazy shits like that all the time back in my hey days... but i am turning 30 soon...OMG! can't hang with you like that no more.. but savour the moment, dawg.

Da man back this weekend, another heavenly weekend awaits.

9:15 AM  
Blogger business voodoo said...

what is it that "they" say ...

"you can sleep when you're dead" ...

it worked for me through my 20s ... had a blast, few regrets and some great times! enjoy your youth, you only have it once.

peace & harmony,
'freedom must be exercised to stay in shape!'

11:28 PM  

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