Monday, March 12, 2007

Snow Orgazm

this is a summary of the pictures of this winter season, spent alot a huge amount on the snow, burning cash on the snow, but from the start of the season, the whole day, if i had a perfect run down without falling, i would be so happy, but around now, i have to at least get at least 1-2 feet of the air flying, then ill b happy . i am literally flying right now . maybe other people may think im crazy for going so many times, but its rare for anyone of us to find something that we can love so much with all our heart . i cherish each moment of it when im on the snow, same with basketball i tend to be in a different zone, a different world of it's own . i forget all the worries, the sadness, the problems, and for a brief moment, im somewhere else . i guess this is the feeling when people take drugs, but mines a natural 'high' . like i said before, when i do something, i dun mind be alone standing at the top . its for myself and not anyone else . its a individual thing . hopefully the mammoth trip will work out 2 weeks from now .


Anonymous veroniaz said...

fly fly fly!! as long as u can afford, it's a healthy sport anyway. ^^ yaya, u are the best of yourself. as high as u can^^ what a tough ass... whopzzzz :p

7:26 AM  
Anonymous steve said...

Heaven awaits.

8:39 AM  
Anonymous jmejmejmejme said...

duuuudee IM BACK! hahahaha u take wikked ass pics. i went skiing last wkend din take any pics.
ur pics are hell cool! wish i cud come!!!

9:38 PM  

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