Thursday, April 19, 2007


pure definition of each individual word is absurd . each of everyone of us has diffrent definition of each achievement we have made or we plan to make . each of us has diffrent mindsets and dreams we live on . mr.cho of virginia killed 33 people including himself . he kinda reminds me of hitler . the pure evil . somehow i am what i am . im not sad over their lost . its just something that happens in this world daily . people die, some are born . i always wonder how hitler acheive what he did . with just his pure voice, he was able to convince his followers to literally take the bullet for him . back to the definition statement . i was reading my friend kevin's blog about what his goals are . he said he cant see himself doing the things he is doing in 5years . but then again we all have hopes and dreams and family expectations we got to live up to . but still the definition of a baller, i consider myself a baller . i eat,live and breathe basketball . i play for years trying to top everyone . i know the goal is seemed as meaningless and endless even worthless to some people . but still i dig and dig and hunger for it . sometimes even bleed for it . same goes to a snowboarder . a definition of a snowboarder is the same goes to the baller, eat, live and breathe the snow . no blood, no glory? i dont like to make excuses for myself not to do something because of something else . u either do it now or never . lifes too short not-to-do something . like those 32 innocent lives, gone like that


Anonymous Anonymous said...

life is too short not-to-achieve something too

7:02 PM  
Anonymous steve-o said...

why put up my bday pic and talking about 33 ppl got killed in the same entry huh?

11:11 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

the same goes on to Cho, a defination of a, live and breathe the bullets? whopzz~


7:13 AM  
Anonymous jmejmejmejme said...

it was a sad end to so many innocent lives that could have been avoided.

i think the media and public are overfocussin on the fact that he was an asian.

minorities dont need anymore backlash. i'd like to show some racisim wen a white person does something mindless, which happens ALOT.

somehow, i think this country is going down the drains in morals and conscience etc.

9:44 PM  
Blogger business voodoo said...

hmmmmm . . .

wow you said quite a bit in that short entry.

people are convinced every day to "take a bullet" for a "higher" purpose, hence the many who have joined our military ranks . . . hitler wasn't anyone, just someone who knew how to do what he did and convince others to do his bidding. we have the same thing today.

people who are soooo willing to put aside their beliefs for someone else's because they can't believe enough in their own voice, life and desires are enough.

you are so right to do what you want ... "do what you want and harm none" ... which is about the same as the golden rule. there is room for everyone to live their own life their way, so long as they actually do that rather than spend their life trying to live up to another's expectations for or demands on their life.

as for mr. cho, his innocence was lost when he was very, very young (and likely we will never know how or truly why), but the loss of his life is what cost us the lives of the others.

thoughtful entry.

peace & harmony,
'freedom must be exercised to stay in shape!'

2:04 PM  

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