Monday, May 07, 2007

An Early Summer's Snowy Dream

pure love is the words i have to describe my love for the snow . this weekend was perfect, the snow fall was so beautiful while i carve the mountain with my baby bringing me 60km per hour down those slopes . joy was in my heart, adrenaline was pumping in my veins . my heart throbbing fast for the fear of crashing, yet i wanna feel the wind in my face, or at least my goggles and bandana . all of a sudden, all the worries in the world disappear for a brief period . thanks to my crew . my baby girl, james, steven, yuh wen, aiko my racing partner . despite the lil glitches that happen throughout the trip like taking a lot of time to dig themselve out of bed, the boot issue for 20minutes . the rest were all good . but im so sorry to cause a scene at the mills, esp to my girl . nobody has more pure love for the snow than me, nobody slept less than me, nobody woke up earlier than me, nobody carve more distance than me, nobody had more joy than me . its truly purest of the pure .
mammoth, 2nd vizit was heavenly . i always think im gonna be in LA for some time . but im thinking about moving somewhere not to far from LA, but yet close to those heavenly mountains . i think i will . somewhere in the mountains with no kobe, with no friends, with no venice beach . i guess im ready to give it all i have . moving there to continue my 2nd part of my studies . get a season pass, carve every day . every single day during winter .

lil tyler fannigan is 13yrs old this year if im not mistaken, his among the pros that were flying on the rails at mammoth this weekend, he was sponsored by GNU when he was 10years old or younger . that was the exact spot where i was standing while watching the pros do their thing . 10000usd went to jonas from minnesota . hail to the great ones!


Anonymous steve-o said...

summer's here, no time for snow-sick. Pull urself together.

12:49 AM  
Blogger business voodoo said...

mammoth is truly an awesome place . . . and in the summer, the biking, hiking, fishing, music festivals and art are the perfect gap between the snow falls! but a very small town indeed ... a far cry from the anonymity of the city of angels.

peace & harmony,
'freedom must be exercised to stay in shape!'

1:56 PM  

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