Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Memorial Weekend

sadly, nearly 40 malaysians are flying off from Los Angeles to yellowstone
this long weekend to go superb scenery hiking and camping not to mention super water rafting . while i chose my path to stay back here in Los Angeles all alone, besides with my mum of course . due to heavy snow addiction and a nightmare that trigger my decision to head up 5hours north again to shred the weekend away . looking at that picture ill be heading down from the top with full speed with a vengeance .

i read rina's blog few minutes ago about her dear friend calling her and chatted for an hour . reminds me of how am i doing in my life . i said i could only name 2 friends, now to think about it . maybe 3? one of thems dead, literally . cant really think of much people who could randomly call me and we can talk for an hour . im not feeling sad or happy . its just the way it is . iv always live my life selfishly and i dont expect others to give me more than i deserve . i deserve what im getting now, no doubt . relationship wise with everyone . i meet people easily . but to be friends with them, hard . maybe its a inner thing . maybe to those people i dont think they are my so-called friends . maybe in their head they think im their buddy . who knows . my head turns in such a way, the energy should be put in more positive things i guess . but hell, thats me .

happy hiking to those going to yellowstone . be safe . im sure im gonna shred my heart out this weekend, before i have to wait another 6 months for snow, unless i fly to portland or whistler where they have snow for 12months .

* peace *


Anonymous JaneDoe said...

Should be proud of yourself! Not everyone can resist the temptation to go out with friends and keep to your dream instead!

Have fun shredding and carving ice!

5:03 PM  

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