Friday, July 27, 2007

Relive: Tiesto Moment 1.0

4 things comes to my mind in a split moment when i think what drives me 'high' in my life . sex, snow, rave, ball . these are simple words that can define those elements . a good session of sexual intercourse usually drives me to the top, cause my sexual hunger is always at a constant beat, carving snow in the heavens while the apple ipod pumps constant beats in my cerebrum for 8hours while i travel at a high speed, raving with my buddies and also 25000 other strangers . breaking ppl's ankle while the sun sets behind the waves . these are the things i live for in my life at this current moment . some may think that its not really productive or wateva . but i work my ass off to subdue my addiction for this events . it makes me feel alive . it makes me feel worth it when i get shit at work .
i was talking to a friend petrina that i met not long ago . i said to her, there are 5 criterias that have to be met before i can consider there is a chemical reaction that is possible for me to befriend that particular person, but when i thought about it . theres only one criteria for me to able to 'click' with another human being . that is they have the ability to let loose and have fun and try new things . thats all . by having those abilities intact in their blood . the word 'fun' comes automatically without trying ...
anyways .. till i re-live the tiesto moment ...


Anonymous S2theeven said...

u left some "ingredients" out, hehe.. but its all good, lets leave it that way, well.. until the moment arrive. LOLZ.

12:00 AM  

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