Monday, July 09, 2007

Summer 07, To Be Or Not To Be?

superb summer . living up the to the hype of summer 05 . i couldnt bliv it . but after lookin at the pictures im really living in the dream once again, new faces but same chemistry . the sincerity . the closeness . i dont know everyone feels it . but i know i feel it . the survivors of the summer 05 is only me, steven and aiko . we lost all d rest . we lost miss crazy shirlene, we lost the dancing evonne, the weed man hock lin, the drinking cynthia and a few more . but i guess new faces brings something refreshing . these new faces were able to make me forget about the snow . i couldnt bliv it . aiko, said at EDC that its gonna be a blast this summer . i wasnt expecting anything close to summer 05 . but these past few weeks . its really been on a similiar level . similiar energy . what happen in summer 05 . after a few months . d crowd was disperse out of no reason . so i still cannot calculate how long will this last or how long its gonna stay together . but one things for sure . i am living in the moment ..


Anonymous Stevo said...

SHits only getting better, BELIEVE IT. I love the tightness too, its gonna be HELLUVA summer, hang tight, it's a wild ride.

9:58 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

See, this is what i am saying ,enjoy the moment so it can last forever! - venessa

11:52 AM  

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