Saturday, April 26, 2008

Single Serving Friends

suddenly the idea of the 'fight club' theme kinda hits me . i love that movie so much, cause i find resemblance in it of me . i love to go against the system, im a rebel, and i consider many people single serving friends . my sincere apologies to miss billie lim whose getting married in may . but like i said, i wont take back my word, and its the first time i rejected someone's marriage wedding invitation as a guest . sorry i see things these way . i had an arguement on the same topic with miss eeleen hee years ago . iv engraved this theory i have in my heart, it shall not be removed by any only by me . we cant even have a normal meal together on a normal basis . u dun have the sincerity to call me up and ask how am i doing or ask me to go out for a drink . why would i call u? right? if our "friendship" as u called it . is ur telling me u care about me and talk about me with ur dear friend miss shirlene thien on and off basis . im sorry . to anyone out there, sometimes when i say hi to you, its for a reason, its to avoid akwardness, despite that i am nothing to you, so are you to me . please dun be upset . but its true ... to everyone who thinks im their friend . im sorry i have to disappoint you . i still follow my 'phonebook theory' to the bone . if you are not in my phonebook, you are just a single serving friend, even if u make it to the phonebook . you might not be my friend, but just im taking advantage of you and i am a parasite .

my sincere apologies to all


Anonymous I aint no hater said...

how pathetic for someone who can't accept the fact that he care about others while pushing 'em out of his life just to "make" himself doesn't look like loser. I'm sorry to see that you don't have enough courage to face your true feeling but to hide them. You really don't care and don't give a shit to those so-called friends, then I don't see why you bother to even mention it. Cut the craps, hater. No one can/wanna stop you going to the pathetic way, but, you don't have to step on and crush others' dreams/heart just because they didn't give you enough attention. Unless, you worth us to do so.

10:27 AM  
Anonymous basel said...

ha vin still cant get rid of that thought of mind eh, same old you. here to check for ur updates and say hi to u. and to comment no.1, maybe u should leave all his thinkings to himself as everyone has their own way of treating people.

8:07 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

He has the privilege to write whatever he desires to, it’s his own blog after all, whether it sounds harsh or not to others.

On the other hand, should a commentary section be open to anyone, a person should also be at liberty to comment just about anything, may it be too bold or not. Yet, I think one should not get way too personal.

Try to leave those negative experiences to private thoughts only, rather than intensifying the existent drama, let alone to influence others publicly. But then again, this is utterly subjective, who am I to judge anyway?

2:47 AM  
Blogger Wen said...

Dear Rebel the Second.

I call you Rebel the second because I like to think of myself as the 1st. I was just chatting with you minutes ago and here I am in your blog.

Just wanted you to know I stand by you on this point. I really like that phonebook thing of yours. Although I know I never deserve to be in there, or I maybe never even made it in there, I want you to know I love you truly.

Of all the friends I left behind, I kept you close to my heart.

Goodnight Tiger!

9:40 AM  

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