Friday, May 23, 2008

Because Of Snowboarding ...

this entry's title is copied from burton's theme this season .. 1st picture, me and my last run this season, 2nd pic, me n my riding buddy hikaru the man in pink, 3rd pic chair 23, expert only, 4th pic team skullcandy in action ..

because of snowboarding ... i tell myself each day i cannot die before i live my dream, it hurts to sit but not to fall, i have learn to conquer fear within myself and drive to find my passion to make it perfection . iv spent thousands and thousands of dollars on the snow its almost reaching 10000usd pretty soon, i give my life for the sport, i travel 60-70kmph with no safety gear ..

this was my last run @ mammoth for the 07/08 season, the countdown has begun for the next season . after 38 days on the snow in 2 seasons . my next target is to acheive 100 days in a single season .. im crossing my fingers for all my documents to go well, within a month of two .. ill know whats gonna happen to my 08/09 season ..

it has been a good season ...


Anonymous Venessa said...

08/09 gonna be a brand new season for me!!! So does for you, may your dream comes true so I can take advantage of it :P haha!

1:35 AM  

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