Thursday, June 05, 2008

Old Flame

frankly speaking i havent been following basketball alot this season compared to my whole life, lakers lost their shaq kobe duo back in 2004, the year i move to city of the Lakers, every season i would go to at least 2 games just to watch kobe play, this season i wasnt able to go cz i spent all my expenses on the snow, they werent doing too good as well, well till they got paul gasol and in a blink of an eye its 2 hours away from game1 finals, where boston will play los angeles . 21years ago, when i was 4, it was the bird magic era, and when i started playing ball it was his airness who took over, i havent felt this excited or anxious about a ball game in a while . reminds me of my childhood how i stayed up late just to watch nba games on tv back in malaysia . 2004, they lost it and finally 4 years later kobe is in the driver's seat bringing a bunch of young cats into the finals to play against KG . what more is to ask for ...

i love this game ...


Anonymous siaw said...

ah lakers down by 3-1 eh! I wanna see more kobe's actions, hopefully a big come back on the 5th game!!

10:53 AM  

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