Saturday, July 05, 2008

Lost In The Moment

7 days has passed, total of 8 days since i met her . iv no idea why im in a state of mind right now . within 2 days, she took my world away from me, made me hurt people i care about . it made me feel the old me .. 8yrs ago . how ironic it is 4yrs ago, i flew 8776miles to stop my tears, to stop seeing shadow of a person who broke my heart . i vow to myself to never never let me back to that pit again, to that place where my world crumbled down to pieces because of another person .

almost 5yrs has passed since that person step out of my life . and iv became a different person who i think is a better way to live this life . iv became very selfish and i thought it was happy, cause i would never get hurt again or cry for days because of a person, i thought iv stop being naive . iv grown .

and here comes this girl out of nowhere with blonde hair come galloping out of nowhere took of my shades and gave me this gigantic hug out of nowhere . i was lost in the moment during that split second, i was thinking to myself "who is she?" "why is she so happy to see a stranger whom she never met before?" "maybe cause its the party this weekend, we all are hyped up, maybe she is too" . many questions ponder my mind, and i never could get an answer .

i guess after 8 days of calculating and trying to conclude what has happen, i still have not come up with a legit theory . i can only tell myself, it was the chemistry, chemical reaction, something was in the air, she made me feel a way i havent felt in a very long time, she made me hunger for her, she makes the air i breathe fresher, the colors i see brighter . within just spending 2 days together . i went all out, dropping everything i had .

i found this feeling iv been telling myself that it doesnt exist in this world for me anymore, i had my chance and i blew it . but deep inside i was still hoping one day it would just appear out of nowhere .

and it has ...

how ironic her name is the same name that made me fly 8776 miles away from home, and now im about to fly 2500 miles, jumping through 3 time zones just to spend merely few days with her .

her name is michelle ...


Blogger Wen said...


I like the new you... Something strange about it.. but I do like it.. something fresh and someone with so much more QI.. so much more positive energy and hope... I love it Marv!

6:31 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

So funny ...

2:00 PM  

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