Friday, September 19, 2008


i know you asked me to do a video, i have no clue how to make a video of apology . and so i think im just gonna write this entry dedicate to you, michelle schoenhardt . i know i need to grow up and i hate when people say that to me, eventhough i know its the truth, just that sometimes when i like something so much, i become obsess with it . and when im obsess with it, i turned into this kid in a candy store . i do appreciate you talkin to cleric and azzie . i do . but at the same time i have this pride that is inside me that tells me i dont want help to acheive something . eventhough in this life we all need one another to survive . and i still believe us meeting was a true miracle ..

and yes, i do need you

from my heart .. im sorry, i truly am


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