Saturday, September 27, 2008

Fourty Six

thats the number of the days left before i voyage to "the promised land", the top of the world, the center of the universe, my personal heaven . in 46 days, that picture will be my home . i will open my eyes each morning to heaven . call me pussy, call me gay, i think the morning im gonna drive up, im gonna have tears in my eyes, and i have not cry for anyone or anyone for a long long time . yuhwen a friend of mine lived in mammoth for a few months, but the thing is, im sure she didnt want it as bad as i want it . not even close . mag said "not all people can see what you see" . that is totally true, the snow is not even white to me . its shines gold to me, many dont know when im smiling under my electric goggles and bandana when the music is pumping and im just cruising with my "pose" . or the pose i think is the coolest when you ride snow, my riding buddies know what pose im talking about . iv been counting down with 100+ days to go, a friend said all i have to do is go to bed 100 times and the next one when i wake up, ill be in mammoth, and iv cut it down more than half .. 46 times to go, goodbye to my job, goodbye to LA . and say hello to the promised land ..

iv been waiting a long time ..


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