Saturday, November 29, 2008


my birthday . 4 days 5 hours . got some riding done in some shitty condition . but what pissed me off is someone accused me doing stuff that i didnt do like 6 months ago . purely just hated my guts . but overall it was a good birthday . turned 25, i cant bliv how fast time pass me by . then again i am living in my dream at the moment . should savour every moment of it


4 days 5 hours 30 mins


4 days 6 hours


4 days 7 hours


6 days 1 hour


its 6am and i cant sleep . i dunno why . was watching couple old edc and love fest footage and the words of shelly were playing in my head 'you cant leave gsc, you cant live without it' and i cant deny i do miss it a lil . and watching the old footage, random people coming together as one . and how ironic is that, the next event is Together As One . i do miss moments of nyc too . iv single handedly crush all the nyc memories in one blow . but i shouldnt be worrying about meeting someone special . sometimes i wonder maybe i dont love yet i want to be loved . but anyways i should focus on the mission i was set here to do . 100 days of riding and the progression of my snowboarding skillz . so far so good .


8 days 1 hour in


Blogger Ven said...

Dude, you break the deep 15 yet? Guess the season is getting busy huh? Pic please when you have a chance, i miss mammoth.

6:09 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I do read once in a great while. Too bad it's crushed.

1:34 AM  

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