Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Day 8

mammoth day 1, 1:30am depature, drove 314 miles, 5hours later i arrived . saw my first sunrise, it was the most prettiest thing iv ever seen . snow was good conditions, powder . but then again, everything comes with a price, i thought i was gonna come here, straight up ride my days away, how naive i was . the pass alone cost aroune $1600, and to think anyone would give me $1600 that easily is plain dumb . my had to be snap, the sides and back, but my own hands, its not even the same length at the moment, i had a $50 haircut a few days before, it went down the drain . the rules were amazing . there were so many rules, it felt like i was literally joining the army, the housing has nothing, didnt even provide a clothe to wipe the tables, its not a hotel, its a housing . very naive of me . riding, i thought i would be able to get my first chair today, how funny, i got on the chair alright, with the mammoth uniform on, but without my board strap on my feet, it was the first time ever to get on the chair without a board, it felt so weird . and as far as riding goes, it has to be earned .. $1600 season pass has to be earned, not given . but i wont give up, when i think back how bad i wanted this . these things arent gonna stop me . im gonna be stronger and move forward ..

day 2, first run of the season, it was only 30mins, took about 4 runs, lift ops training over, tommorow will be first day of work . sleeping patterns are changing, hair looks damn ugly, but my gear and my riding will make up for it ..

30mins total

day 3, first day at work, in the morning, time passes fast, after lunch, it takes forever to get to 4:05pm . zero runs in today , but def tommorow will get an hour in ..

day 4, got to meet new housemates, got drunk at 8pm . snow conditions were superb if you look at the date . total of 30mins in

60 mins total

30 mins in after work

90 mins total

new housemates lifties, british guy andrew, arkansas brandon, long beach ron, michigan joel and zach was the first one here from pittsburgh . got to ride with the british rider today, totally sick . just have to keep ridin with him, my game will get so sick

90 mins in

3 hours total


4 hours 30 mins total


Blogger cooknengr said...

Glad that you are riding with better riders. That's the way to learn new tricks. Get me some free boards when you turn pro.

7:29 AM  

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