Wednesday, May 20, 2009


its 3:14am, i just woke up . i wish i had a Yoseph who can explain dreams to the point like how he did in Egypt . then i would have him explain why do i dream of Michelle sometimes but this particular one is awesome . this dream is not about her but this person whose in the picture, last highschool class of mine, i dont have any other picture of him . his in the middle row, first one from the right . in my dream, i saw him walking up this fleet of stairs near a market near my house back in Kuching . i had a choice in my dream kinda this time, to walk away or to kill him . i kinda walk 2 steps away and in the end i ran up the stairs pushed him down the ledge from 2 storeys high, he fell down and was bleeding, i ran down and start kicking him non stop, and punching his face till it bled so much you could hardly see his skin . i kicked his crotch so many times, i made sure he would never have a child . i wanted to take a knife and stab him but i didnt had one at that time . i still end up kicking him over and over as his on the ground, to relish all hatred towards him that has been kept all this years . finally after i grew tired and his no longer moving on the ground, i step on his face with my foot and spit on him

and i woke up, thinking to myself, if i would ever see him again in this life, how would i approach the same issue, do i wait for the chance and push him over a 2 storey building? or maybe wait in the parking lot and run him over with a car? or maybe pay some people to drive by with bikes, not with guns but with knivez and stab him, cause i dont him dead, i just want him to be paralyze and suffer . i usually dont hold hatred that long . but this particular person, i really wish he burn in hell .

i hope all these things come true and you suffer a horrible death . and NO im not joking or making this up . i do feel this hatred ...


Blogger Yuhwen Foong said...

Painful.. But i'm sure we all have a person or two that we feel that way about... Sometimes its easier to LET GO

1:31 AM  

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