Wednesday, September 27, 2006


sometimes i wonder . how did i get here . at times i feel like goin home then at times it feels like its d best place in d world . sometimes the memories i had makes me feel how nice it to be breathing n still searching for equivalent or even better experiences to make even better memories . sometimes i feel like .. its kinda impossible to top what i had in the past 10yrs . maybe the main thing i had, the prized possesion . was being naive . a quote from a movie i watch 'easy never enters into an adult's life' ..

anyways thats L from 'death note'

Saturday, September 09, 2006

Tears Of The Black Parade

well my buddy stevo has left Los Angeles goin back to his hometown somewhere near pulau redang .. just kidding .. kuala terrenganu .. some state in malaysia . anyways .. couple weeks ago . i was thinking .. one day i might wake up n find everyone dat i ever knew in Los Angeles would b gone .. come to think of it, it aint that bad .. ppl come .. ppl go .. thats d way it always has been n always will be . one day u wake up . u find yourself hanging out with diffrent ppl all d time .. ppl has their own lifes to deal with . datelines to meet and destinations they have to be at . its kinda weird .. 2yrs ago .. was my last time .. lots of tears ever came out . since then . its kinda hard to look for them these days . no matter what or who wont make my tears roll down my cheek . its kinda scares me . have i lost all warmth and heart in this world? or is it just a phase? sending my friend off at the depature hall .. out of all of us .. theres a girl who had tears for my friend . i find that .. kinda shocking .. Los Angeles . ppl cant really grow close here .. can they? ppl barely touching each other's lives . how can one person have tears for the other person? is that really possible? or is she just being naive? or she doesnt realize that ppl come n go like the wind .. impossible .. she doesnt realize that .. sigh .. or is it just me ..

anyways bon voyage my friend . hope to see u again in this lifetime ..