Wednesday, August 22, 2007

In Search Of Sunrise 6

sometimes i dont know why certain things happen, or why we meet certain people in our lives . i do not know why incidents, occurance take place at a certain moment at a certain location . sometimes i dont understand why i say the things i say, do the things i do, be at where i be . sometimes things just happens, i have no explanation why it come to be . to one's eye i may be evil, to another i may be doing the right thing, but to whoever eyes it may be . it is what it is, you see what you get and you get what you see .
one picture shows a moment up in the bay area, another showed a moment 'in the dark' . precious moments ...
two reviews i encourage people to have a look out on, Tiesto's In Search Of Sunrise 6, nothing below average .. as usual .. spectacular .. and also the book '5 People You Meet In Heaven' by Mitch Albom . collaborating both of them together give me a feeling, looking at the present and the past . all those people that came and went . and wondering why sometimes i still put effort in saying hi to them . arent i suppose to be cold like i am? i wonder ..
Could've, Should've, Would've . just aint good enough in this life ..

Monday, August 13, 2007

Elements Of Life

noun 1. a dance party that lasts all night and electronically synthesized music is played;
its monday, its one of the toughest mondays yet, my head is still stuck in saturday's dream land . my body is in reality, but my mental state is somewhere in that dream, dreaming away . thinking of another day coming close to that dreamy saturday night, would be a tough task to complete . like eujin said, we just can smile to those people on the street today, and feel pity for those who din make it thru the doors of the arena on that special night . but i guess i have to keep my head up high and keep on fightin .
theres so many names i have to thanks for evolving into the elements of MY life . special thx to chisho and hikaru for sponsoring me some weapons of mass destruction, to lienni and julia for showing on the opening . eric and may to come all the way down from the bay area, aiko, venessa & aiko for their termendous energy that leaked out on to me, gwen and her 2 friends for being there, stevo solidier for life, eujin for helping me take a lil of the after effects away, hooi ling, cat for keeping composure, shirlene's birthday, allen & marcus for showing me the path to the photons & glowsticks, billie for bringing james to taste the energy, ai shen for not wearing heels, sandria and her boy,
it was excellently excuted, superb planning, fantastic friends, drugs, lies (no lies actually)and instead of rock&roll, we sub it with trance . where your soul becomes one with the music . looking at the videos on . i cant bliv i was actually there . cheering, rocking the floor, flying with the photons .