Monday, December 31, 2007

Last 24 Hours Of 2007

woke up for the last sunrise of 2007, after driving 200+ miles, slept for 2hours, drank the minimal amount of h20, sped down 30 - 40 miles of white powder, flying on an average speed of 40 miles an hour, being in solace, when everything around you moves in slow motion, when the music that is pumping through your skull becomes silent, when the whole humanity just disappear for a moment, that is prize i gain after paying a price of tons of currency, love, blood, effort . only a pure shredder would understand those words. it is so hard to relate into sentences .

the first sunrise of 2007 seems like yesterday, after the great armin set, the rays just beam out from the skyscrappers of downtown Los Angeles, those rays were sublime . and suddenly im here writing, on the last sunrise of 2007, it has been an amazing year, one to put in the books as Chisho said, met alot of amazing people, did alot of new things, partying like there was no tommorow at times, having tons of fun, shared laughters, sorrows, anguish, tears with those few other "cb" people, you know who u are, but i cant deny i have this doubt that u all will disappear in a short period of time, i have met people like that in the past, they somehow connect with u so well in the shortest amount of time, and they just disappear from ur life just like that . but i guess thats life aint it, its a bitch .

besides the ending of my contract with my current girlfriend for 6 months, it was a joke, that we will end it on the new year's eve party . but i guess she has threaten me the contract is legit . i dont blame her though, im sure no one will, some will even tell her thats the smartest move she will do herself . i dont mean to be pessimistic, as i know if i get my daily dosage of white powder shredding, im doing good, but i guess not many female species can share a heart of a male with so many other loves that he has for others, snow, the orange round thing called basketball, his "buddies" that he doesnt even know will be there for him in the long run, i guess no one can blame her to call it quits . looking at reality, 24 year old student, working full time at the same time, drives one of the crappiest cars in the gang, selfish, so self indulge at things that is around him, totally obsessed over the mountains .

a person once said, i tell everyone that i live for me, myself & i, but actually that person told me the person who cares most about others is me . aint it funny . i somehow still really find the true analysis .

but with all the drama going around me, i guess i am lil excited about my brother coming next week, he will see things that iv seen, felt things i felt, go places iv been .

no one can tell the future, people change, times changes people, i guess another metaphor i see in my eyes are like lines, we all have lines our own lines, our own directions, some has shorter lines, so their life ends earlier than others, but when the lines cross, we meet, when it parts, we go our own way, its so sad that the other on the slopes i met a friend who used to be very close, we were buddies i guess, she would give me a beating when im fooling around with other girls for being a bastard, she would advise me when im lost, we would party with the others and get drunk. totally a friend2friend r/ship . so i saw her on the slopes, we said "hi" . that was about it . i cant deny the sadness and sourness i had in my heart, we have nothing in common at all, we have nothing to say, it was the end of the conversation, dont even know how the friendship ended . some say they still care, but to me, its just a bunch of crap, either you're revolving around each other's lives, or it really needs a special bond to stay connected .

anyways, happy new year guys, just ventilating .. cheers to tiesto's new year count down to 2008 . i wont mind having another 2007, with the same level of experience i had ..
love ya all

Monday, December 03, 2007

Winter Again, Born Of A New Baby

winter has arrive to save my body & soul from unhealthy events, burning money on the snow, travelling the speed of a gray wolf at 30mph . travelling at such speed can cost loneliness when the wolf is ahead of the pack at such velocity . despite that, a new baby has been born in my family, she stands at 156cm and is such a beauty, the white collection, from the family of burton, i still love my atomic cold smoke, we travelled many slopes and mountains together .
thanks to steven for my wonderful birthday present that iv been waitin a whole 12 months for, the eg2 goggles by electric, they are the sickest things iv worn .
by the end of the season hopefully ill be able to do some tail grabs, some butters and be label as a park monkey ..
god speed